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Angel’s Share Secured Investments Limited is presenting an exclusive, fixed return investment opportunity, to enter a market of exceptional growth. An opportunity which is secured by casks of matured malt whiskey, which typically increases in value as they age. This is an opportunity where the market risk is mitigated by security held on an asset (whiskey casks). These casks contain a premium commodity with a growing worldwide demand.


Driven by a huge surge in consumer interest, Irish whiskey is experiencing an unparalleled renaissance. It is now the fastest-growing spirit in the world, an accolade it’s held since 1990.

For Irish whiskey to be authentic, it must be distilled and matured in casks, in Ireland. As it matures, it increases in value, making it a truly unique commodity. Older Irish whiskeys are now rare and command exceptional premiums in the marketplace. In fact, in recent years, aged Irish whiskey has achieved record prices at auction. Irish whiskey now enjoys EU Geographical Indication status in more countries than ever before, creating a platform for new entrants such as McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey.

The growth of Irish whiskey worldwide is primarily driven by premiumisation and innovation, both key components of McCarthy’s story.

Our whiskeys are premium, yet competitively priced, allowing for an aggressive market entry strategy. In 2018, Irish whiskey sales in the US grew by 9.4% compared to 2017, generating around $1 billion in sales. McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey is now poised to take a healthy share of this market from 2020 onwards.

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