Slide 36% Fixed Return Irish Whiskey Bond 1 4 Year Term Capital and Interest Protected Irish Whiskey Bond

Why invest in Irish whiskey?

Irish whiskey is entering a new golden era. Exports of Irish whiskey are projected to double between 2020 and 2030. At one time, Irish whiskey had a 60% share of the world’s whiskey market. Today that figure is under 10%, allowing major scope for growth.

In new markets all over the world, the next generation of consumers are discovering Irish whiskey, especially in the premium category. In recent years, Irish whiskey has been granted Geographical Indication status in these new markets, providing protection to the brand integrity of Irish whiskey.

With the introduction of the Angel’s Share Irish Whiskey Bond, private, corporate and pension investors can now benefit from this Irish whiskey renaissance.

McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey

Our first retail whiskey was launched in January 2020. McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey is a competitively priced premium blended whiskey, which will be rolled out through an existing distributor network in Europe and the USA during 2020.

We are forecasting to sell one million bottles per year by 2023, and our existing worldwide network of spirit distributors makes this a viable proposition. We are developing other brands and ranges for our portfolio, and these will come onstream in the coming years.

The Bond

In order to fund the rollout of McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey worldwide, we are issuing this limited Angel’s Share Irish Whiskey Bond. These Bonds are open to private, corporate and self-administered pension holders and offer a very competitive fixed return of 36% after four years.

The Bonds are secured on casks of matured malt whiskey which are acquired in trust for the Bond investors. In the unlikely event of a default, ownership of these casks of matured whiskey will revert to the Bond holders.


How it Works / Frequently Asked Questions

The Bond

The Bond is a loan provided by the investor to Angel’s Share Secured Investments Limited (the Company). In turn, the Company uses these funds as working capital to develop McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey brand worldwide. In time, other ranges and brands in the Company’s portfolio will also be developed.

The Term

The term of the Bond is four years. The day you invest in the Bond is your entry date, and four years from that date, your Bond matures – this is your exit date. Your original capital and interest is repaid on your exit date.

The Rate of Return

The rate of return on your Bond is fixed at 36% simple interest and is repaid along with your original capital, at the end of the 4-year term. 

Who can invest in the Bond?

Any private individual or company can invest in the Bond. Those holding a self-administered pension can also invest in the Bond.

What is the minimum and maximum I can invest in the Bond?

The minimum investment in the Bond is €13,995, and the maximum is €800,000.

What is the security on the Bond?

Your capital and interest are secured on casks of mature malt whiskey. When you invest in the Bond, the Company acquires new-fill whiskey as collateral. This whiskey is held in trust for you until your Bond is repaid in full, capital and interest. In the unlikely event that the Company is unable to repay your Bond, then the ownership of the whiskey held as collateral in the trust reverts to you (or your pension).

What is the level of risk?

All investments carry a degree of risk so always consult with your advisor regarding your risk profile. Bonds are drawn down as they become available, which increases the risk. However, each individual Bond had its own collateral ringfenced which strongly mitigates against risk. Because the whiskey held as collateral increases in value as it matures, this further mitigates against potential risks.

Why is the Bond not regulated?

Many popular investment categories such as Gold, Silver and Property are not required by the Central Bank of Ireland to be regulated, and this Bond falls under that category. 

Please note that the provision of this product or service does not require licensing, authorisation or registration with the Central Bank of Ireland and as a result is not covered by the Central Bank’s requirements designed to protect consumers or by a statutory compensation scheme.

Warning: If you invest in this product you will not have access to your capital for 4 years.